Bendigo Bank Monthly Triples


Bendigo Bank continue their generous sponsorship for another season of the Bendigo Bank Monthly Triples.

As usual the event is 2 bowl triples, and will be played over 7 rounds on the third Monday each month, starting in September.

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Entry fee is still $15 per team each month.

If you haven't got two partners, but want to play, add your name to the single entries list & we will try to put you in a team.

Teams are expected to play all 7 rounds, but can change their line-up & their order of play each month (& even between games). Teams are expected to obtain their own fill-ins where a team member can't play on any day.

If you don't want to play regularly, but can fill in occasionally, please add your name to the Emergency List.  We need all the emergencies we can get.

If you are on holidays, you can email your team to the Coordinator David Hosking at or ring him on 9431 1440 or 0419 108 067

Dress is neat casual.

Tournament Dates      
2017 2018    
September 18 January 15    
October 16 Feburary 19    
November 20 March 19    
December 18      


 General Conditions of Play

Detailed conditions of play will be placed on the notice board, but the main rules are as follows:

  • Play starts at 1 PM with 2 games of 15 ends, (one on each green if the grass green is available)
  • Unless otherwise stated herein, normal Saturday Pennant rules apply.
  • No dead ends - the kitty is re-spotted on the "T" on the 2 metre line.
  • Scoring is 10 points for a win (5 for a draw) plus 1 point for each end won (1/2 for a tied end).
  • The winners are decided on games won, then points, then shots up, then percentage.
  • Rink draws will be random.
  • Monthly points will accumulate over the season with prizes awarded to the highest scoring teams at the end of the season.
  • There are monthly prizes for winning team, runner up, best 1st game & best 2nd game.
  • There are season prizes is for the highest total team score, for 2nd & for 3rd.